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Clone captain Ambu was born and cloned on the planet kamino. Here he was bred for combat training among his fellow clone brethrean. He was top of his class in every course. Sur passing the physical and mental course's. Due to his quick responses to war and strategy, he was promoted to captain in the field. Earning his rank and serial number (CT-9511) Ambu. Ambu was proud of himself and his loyal clone troops.  Ambu was stationed on the planet known as Kashyyyk, the wookie homeworld. Preperations were taking place right before the major Confederacy invasion. Ambu was ready and soo was his clones under him. The droid army moved into attack formation, and the battle quickly escalated into a massive battle. Both sides suffering heavy casualties. During the battle Clone Commander Gree in charge on Kashyyyk. Gave the order 66 to Ambu and his men to clean sweep the remaining jedi traitors. Ambu confused with the order 66 not telling who was friend or foe anymore. He disobeyed the order and left the republic, but Ambu had other planes. He felt there was more to him, he needed to know and understand what his true purpose in life was. Ambu left the service and hijacked a republic gunship and returned to kamino for answers that Taun We (Kaminoan) might know. Ambu now driven to discover the truth of why his brotheres are all the same, and bred for the republic. Ambu wanted to know who is original host was. Upon arriving on Kamino. Ambu found Taun We and demanded to know everything. She told him his host was Jango Fett a legendary mandalorian bounty hunter. Who was payed greatly to clone himself for the republic and create an army in his image. Ambu then realized the war was a waste of lives, and felt used and betrayed. Ambu left Kamino sparring Taun We and promising himself never to return to kamino. He decided to leave his old life and start new. His real name was Ambu... Ambu Fett, and pursued the life of a bounty hunter as his maker once was. During which he arrived on coruscant and ran into an underground bounty hunter's guild. Ambu Fett learned quickly the tools and trades of being a bounty hunter. He felt free from the republic for the first time, choosing his own path. The bounty hunter business was at an all time high. Ambu Fett and his crew of misfits took joy in hunting down potential bounties. Ambu recieved news that a big time Death Stick dealer was making deals without a crime syndicate's blessing. Therefore the syndicate put a bounty on Koba Khan. A ruthless dealer with many connections. Ambu knowing the risk of himself and his ragtag crew, he took the job. He told the syndicate his motto "If the cash is there, we do not care.". Now the hunt was on for Koba Khan. The bounty hunters located Koba within hours and located his stronghold. The ragtag mercs fought there way inside. Instantly killing his gang of enforcers. They traped Koba in his office, and asked one time only "Dead or Alive Koba." The dealer surrundered without a fight. After handing over Koba Khan over to his former crime syndicate, Ambu collected the payment for his crew. The syndicate gave respect for Ambu and his crew. The syndicate told there allies that if they want someone caught, that they contact Ambu Fett. One of the syndicate' top friends in crime was the Hutt's. Jabba the hutt from tatooine contacted ambu and made him an offer to be his personal bounty hunter. Ambu disscussed this offer to his crew. His crew felt edgy about there last mission. They told Ambu that tatooine was unkown to them, they didint have contacts. They wished Ambu the best in his hunts and to make a fortune to meet up again in the future. Ambu Fett wished the same to his ragtag crew, and left for Tatooine to meet Jaba the hutt. Ambu arrived on tatooine aware of the dangers the planet holds. Tatooine was home of the crime underworld and deadly creatures that stalk the sands at night. Ambu was eager to explore his new home and locate the Hutt's and start his first contract with them. Ambu Fett got a feel for the place. He made contact's in high and low places. Now it was time to meet his new employer. Ambu meet's with the crime lord Jabba. Jabba introduces himself and his infamous hutt cartel. Jabba tells ambu that an old employee of his, and has gone rouge and into bussniess for himself. Jabba has no use for this traitor and wants him back Alive for 1,000 credits or Dead for 500 credits. Ambu accepted the contract and gave jabba his word he find this bounty (Burbakker Teep) and make good capturing him. Ambu Fett tracks down Burbakker Teep the traitor of the hutt cartel. Ambu finds him in an underground cantina at the bar looking real jumpy and watching his surrounding closey but cautiously. Ambu took a seat at a table and watched his prey. Burbakker Teep paid for his drink and left the cantina, not knowing he was being followed by a bounty hunter. Burbakker went to his new apartment not knowing the dangers that follow him. As soon as burbakker open the door to his apartment. Ambu confronted him to come quietly or die. Burbakker calmy walked toward ambu and pulled a knife on him. Ambu disarmed him quickley. Burbakker plead for his life saying he was worth alot more alive. Ambu told him "ill do you a favor the hutt's wont do. I will make it quick." Ambu blasted burbakker killing him instantly, and took his body back to Jaba's palace. Ambu Fett returned to jabba's palace with his bounty of burbakker teep. He presented teep's body to jabba and his men. He told jabba he suffered greatly for being a traitor to the hutt's. Jabba laughed and told his gang that ambu fett was his type of scum and gave him 1,000 credits instead. Ambu knew he was getting a reputation on tatooine and the hutt cartel. Ambu celebrated his hunt and used his money to buy a new starship to travel the galaxy and hunt never ending bounties. He bought his new ship on tatooine he called his ship "The Ranger"

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